All About DockDogs

Big Air is the most popular discipline of DockDogs® and the oldest of the four disciplines. Big Air is nothing more than a long jump for canines. In Big Air the dog is judged on the distance it can jump from the edge of the dock to where the base of the tail meets the water. Big Air is the easiest and most beginner friendly of the four disciplines of DockDogs®.

There are six Club divisions in Big Air as follows:

Novice           1″ – 9’11”
Junior           10′ – 14’11”
Senior          15′ – 19’11”
Master         20′ – 22’11”
Elite             23′ – 24’11”
Super Elite   25′ and over

Although each wave will have dogs of all levels jumping, your dog’s jump will determine in which division he is placed. For example, if your dog jumps 12’4″, he will be placed in the Junior Division. Another dog in the same wave might jump 22′ and be in the Master Division. This ensures that while your dog is jumping with dogs of all levels, he is only competing against dogs that jump in his division.

Each wave will have ribbons for the competitors, so be sure to go by the admin tent after your wave to pick up your ribbon.

Extreme Vertical is an exciting discipline that has the dog jumping up to grab a bumper. In Extreme Vertical, a DockDogs bumper is suspended from an extender 8 ft. out from the dock and at heights ranging from 4’6″ up to as high as a dog can jump.  The bumper is moved up in increments as the participating dogs execute the jumps.

The dog begins his run anywhere in front of the 20 ft. line on the dock and has 60 seconds to complete each jump. The bumper must be either snatched cleanly or completely knocked down into the water by the dog in order for the jump to count.

Each dog is given two chances to execute the jump at each height.

There are three divisions in Extreme Vertical as follows:

Cadet –  Up to 5′ 11″
Top Gun – 6′ to 6′ 11″
High Flyer – 7′ and above

Speed Retrieve is comparable to a sprint or drag racing. The concept is simple, a dog sprints down the dock, jumps in the water, and swims very fast to retrieve a bumper suspended at the far end of the pool. This is a timed event, the less time it takes a canine to grab the bumper the better the score.

There are three divisions in Speed Retrieve as follows:
Sonic < 5.999 seconds
Nitro 6.000 – 6.999 seconds
Turbo 7.000 – 7.999 seconds
Express > 8.000 seconds




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