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Signature Treatments

Bliss Bath & Brush
Our signature bathing experience is included with all grooms and bathing treatments. Starting with two deep cleansing shampoo baths using botanical products based on your dog's coat needs. Then a moisturizing conditioning rinse, followed by a brush and blow dry. Also includes nail trim/file and ear cleaning. Topped off with a moisturizing and hypoallergenic finishing spray. 
Nurturing Add ons 
to the Bliss Bath & Brush

After the bath, we clip, file, and/or dremel the nails and then a warm towel is wrapped over the paws. Your dog is treated further with a calming nail buff and soothing oil treatment. Then pampered even more while the paws are gently massaged for 2 minutes with paw balm.  
Furry Baby De-Matting
Before the Bliss Bath, a gentle de-matting is done with a breed specific comb and brush.  During the bath, a nourishing shampoo is used for both shampoo rinses, followed by an extra moisturizing conditioner. The coat is treated with a detangling spray for the blow dry and blow out, and then a soothing finishing spray.
Recommended for dogs with mild to moderate matting.  
Furry Baby De-Shedding 
During the Bliss Bath, a de-shedding shampoo is used with an exfoliating scrubber that helps release the undercoat of your dog. Followed by an extra nourishing conditioner and an additional, thorough brushing of the coat. Then, a final brushing during the blow dry and blow out with finishing spray. 
'Playin in the Mud' Bath
De-Shedding Treatment
A nurturing add on to our Bliss, Bath & Brush treatment. A nourishing mud bath that de-sheds and replenishes the skin. Formulated with all natural ingredients such as allantion, aloe vera, colloidal oatmeal, and essential omega oils that cleanse and revitalize your dog’s skin and coat. 
'Playin in the Mud' Bath
Fortifying Treatment
A nurturing add on to our Bliss, Bath & Brush treatment. A fortifying mud bath that promotes detoxing and healthy cell generation in the skin and coat. A nutrient based treatment with vital ingredients that help rid yeast growth and odor while maintaining healthy skin for a beautiful coat
Furry Facial 
This facial treatment begins with a gentle, but thorough, cleansing of the ears, face, and eyes.
Any excess facial debris and dead skin is removed.
A specialty tearless facial shampoo is gently applied all over the face, around the eyes and ears. Then massaged in for 2 minutes and rinsed, leaving a fresh furry face.
Includes our signature brush and blow dry.

A la Carte Treatments

Nail Trim         Our signature clip, file and/or dremel and buff of the nails . 

Teeth Brushing 

Bang Trim

Sanitary Trim 

Furry Riddance Flea/Tick Treatment

Paw massage (with essential oils)                                

A quick hand scissor or clipper (depending on dog's breed/coat) around bangs, eyes, ears and face. 
A quick hand scissor or clipper (depending on dog's breed/coat) in the sanitary areas of your dog.  
A gentle but thorough flea bath and rinse (includes one flea shampoo rinse, one nourishing shampoo rinse and one conditioning rinse.) 
Also includes our signature brush and blow dry.  
A gentle whitening oral care treatment using a toothbrush and specialty formulated gel to clean and whiten teeth. Followed by a dental spray to leave your pet's breath fresh.  

Complimentary Snuggles                                                                                       

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