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Pet Stylist Position

In our Grooming Salon, we will provide kennel free holding areas with gated, picket fence enclosures and faux grass. Our open concept Grooming suites will have a relaxed spa-like feeling.

We will also have a private Wellness suite, which will have a more secluded bathing and grooming experience to the pet with additional care needs.

We will only use state-of-the-art grooming equipment, industry trusted tools, and superior grooming products. In the Grooming Lobby Reception, we will display a private collection of the grooming products we use for our clients to purchase. As well, in the Wellness Spa Reception, we will stock the best in wellness products and CBD for our furry customer’s dental, skincare, mobility, and behavioral needs.

Providing comfort and safety to our furry clients will be top priority.


We're searching for experienced and preferably Certified Pet Groomers

(600+ hours)





Handling animals with care, compassion, and consideration

Dog bathing, drying, styling (brush and blow out drying skills)

Grooming- hand scissoring, clipping, de-matting, de-shedding, shaving

Clipping and dremeling nails 

Brushing and whitening teeth

Flea and tick removal

Cleaning ears and removing hair

Assessing and identifying skin, coat, or other health concerns 

Recognizing standard breed and coat requirements

Communicating with pet parents

Recommending product to customers and upselling services 

Daily prepping, cleaning and sanitizing of grooming suite 

Checking pet clients in and out at reception desk

Working as a pack team member 


The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:


Dog bathing, conditioning, drying and blow out styling experience

Bathing tool and equipment education 

Grooming skills and experience (hand scissoring and clipping, sanitary and face trimming, nail clipping and dremeling, teeth cleaning and care)

General Breed recognition-an understanding of breed specific coat types 

Dog skin, coat and hair health knowledge

Dog skin, coat and hair health conditions knowledge (and skills to recognize and temporarily treat minor skin conditions, flea and ticks, yeast infections and matting)

Salon cleaning and sanitizing skills

Customer care and communication skills

Working as a pack team member  



Recommended qualifications

(training provided as needed)


Grooming software training (Daysmart Pet)

POS System training (Clover)

Grooming product knowledge (including ability to recommend product to customers and upsell services when necessary) 




Position Details 


Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: From $12,500.00 - $31,200.00 per year

Starting at $20/hour/ Including tips 

OR 50% commission (whichever greatest)



  • Employee discount

  • Flexible schedule

  • Pet Industry education assistance 



  • 4 hour shift / 8 hour shift 

  • Flexible hours/ No nights

  • Holidays

  • Monday to Friday/ Weekend Availability 



If you're interested in becoming part of our pack, contact us here or email 

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